It would be such a great quote, if she even once acted like she had an education

Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are because Miss Candice Stewart here was a speech pathology major at Xavier University of Louisiana and apart from not only earning a bachelor’s degree in speech language pathology and audiology and even earned a spot as one of the few people to be mentioned as their notable alumni on their wikipedia page, she was also busy breaking history becoming the first African American woman to win the Miss Louisiana title while also being a pro cheerleader for the NFL, so let me ask you this, while Miss Candice Stewart is busy living a ravishing, successful and happy life, what are you doing other than sitting behind a computer being no where near as successful or clearly educated as her with your D list irrelevant URL, besides getting a blog title that about sums you and your level of education up in a nutshell?



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she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up is fun but to promise to stay in school

Love this!

Stories you won’t see in the media

#nicki is so protective of young girls#this needs to be underlined more#also she gives them edited versions of her albums#magical girls protect other girls#bless nicki

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